Win clients on LinkedIn with a 45-minute daily routine - no spammy sales pitches required

Social Selling

without the

hard sell!

Social Selling Academy is a simple way to sell and promote yourself on LinkedIn. Instead of chasing followers and impressions leverage content and relationships to unlock revenue - even if you have a small following. 


Who is it for?

Social Selling Academy would be a good fit if you:

✅ Want to earn an extra $100k+ in the next year

✅ Sell products or services to other businesses

✅ Already established with paying clients

✅ Not a newbie to LinkedIn

The complete social selling training course for LinkedIn

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Inside the

Social Selling Academy

Build Your Personal Brand

Harness the power of LinkedIn to establish a strong personal brand. Learn strategies to stand out, showcase your expertise, and become a thought leader in your industry.

Create content that attracts, nurtures and converts

Master the art of creating engaging content that resonates with your audience. Discover how to attract potential clients, nurture relationships, and convert connections into sales.

Connections to paying clients

Transform your LinkedIn connections into lucrative opportunities. Gain skills in networking, identifying potential clients, and converting online interactions into done deals.

15 Lessons with worksheets, templates and videos

A complete

An end-to-end process you can do in 45 mins per day

Educate your prospects

Turn your profile into a buyer education zone

Find red
hot leads

Find the best leads using our search system

Attract your leads attention

Get more visibility in the feed with attraction content

your leads

Use your content to nurture your prospects


3x more replies to DMs with a proven process

Asking for the discovery call

How to get calls booked in your diary from LinkedIn

Top tips
and tricks

The latest tips and tricks to get awesome results

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Does this sound like you?


Are you looking to win more business but don't want to spend hours on LinkedIn?

Have you tried to create content and got stuck for ideas and not generated any leads?

Do you want a more authentic process that doesn't mean sending spammy sales pitches?

We get it! LinkedIn can be a time suck. It's easy to spend hours on the platform and achieve nothing.

We created this comprehensive course to help you leverage LinkedIn in a natural way that doesn't consume your life!


The Social Selling Academy is for YOU!


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Frequently Asked Questions


Meet your instructor

LinkedIn Top Voice and Expert Speaker


Dean Seddon is a world leading social selling speaker and trainer. Starting out as a solopreneur, Dean mastered the art of social selling and scaled his business from zero to $2m.  

"This is the course I needed. When I started out I had so much conflicting advice. I didn't want to be an influencer, I didn't have time for that. I just wanted to get clients without being spammy"

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