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ContentLab 2.0 for LinkedIn

The ultimate Content Ideation and Creation System.

Inside the ContentLab you'll discover:

✅ Content that gets you followers

✅ A simple and fast way to write content

✅ How to get more reach and engagement on your content

✅ How Influencers 'cheat' to get engagement (and you can too)

& much much more.

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Here's the full curriculum:

Part 1: Introduction
  • Welcome
  • Why you should post regularly on LinkedIn 
Part 2: Getting Started & Topics
  • Choosing your topics
  • Documenting your knowledge
 Part 3: Content Goals
  • Understanding the purpose of each post
Part 4: Content Ideation
  • Creating ideas for your content 
Part 5: Optimising and writing content
  • Structure your writing for speed
  • Optimising your content for engagement and reach
  • Learn the human algorithm 
Part 6: How to Grow Like an Influencer
  • Should I pursue Influencer tactics?
  • How to grow your following fast
  • How to get more engagement
  • Pods, communities and Influencer hubs
  • Outbound engagement to get engagement and followers

Part 7: 71 Content Ideas

  • 71 Content Ideas PDF

What People Are Saying:

Dean knows sales and he knows LinkedIn. Nothing more to say other than the guy is an expert at what he does! Absolute legend

Aman Birdi

Dean's knowledge of LinkedIn has been so valuable. He spent time getting to know my needs and tailored his advice for me. I would recommend scheduling a call with Dean if you are looking to expand your network, generate leads, or just learn more about using this platform to grow your business. Lovely man, very friendly and welcoming with a vast amount of information to share.

Georgia Limb

At the time my posts were very hit and miss with reach and engagement. Dean provided a structure or formula + 1-2-1 support that changed the game. Over night my profile views increased 400% and engagement on one post was 20k+ others were in the 10k's.

Laura McGibbon